The Energizers Trio

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This energy-packed trio will get every day off to a great start–head-to-toe! From an invigorating shower that cleans both body and hair, to a facial scrub that unclogs pores, to an energizing gel moisturizer that hydrates body skin. This is a trifecta of energy!

$46 Value!

What's In It

Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser, 3.0 oz.
Sulfate-free body and hair cleanser washes away dirt and sweat without overdrying. Leaves the entire body feeling revitalized for peak performance. Aromatics: Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Juniper.

Face Buff Energizing Scrub, 3.0 oz.
A pre-shave cleanser and facial scrub in one that exfoliates for an easier, closer shave. Eco-friendly biodegradable scrubbing particles help to unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs, and minimize shaving irritation.

Turbo Body Lotion™ Energizing Gel Moisturizer, 3.0 oz.
Unique gel-to-lotion body moisturizer features the best-selling Turbo aroma. The lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer goes on smoothly to nourish and hydrate body skin.
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